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What are Workspaces

In the modern business environment, organizations manage a variety of different applications, each with its resources, distinct definitions, and configurations.

Internal users may find it challenging to navigate the complex network of interconnections among these applications. Understanding the essence of an application, particularly its health status, operational efficiency, and identifying potential risks and growth opportunities, remains crucial.

Komodor Workspaces are built to address these challenges. By enabling users to define a workspace through existing configurations or manual selection of services, this platform offers a tailored, scoped perspective. Once a workspace is declared, it provides a comprehensive and focused view, ensuring that users are equipped with all the pertinent insights and crucial details regarding the workspace and its associated resources.

Common use cases

To gain the most out of Workspaces, We recommend a workspace to represent one of the following:

  • A group of services constructing a system/application
    Create a workspace per a system (or - a group of microservices constructing a bigger application)

    Allows correlating between related issues and cascading failures as well as understanding the overall availability of your system/application.

  • A Team / Business Unit
    Create a workspace per each team's responsibility

    Provides a unified view of all the team/business unit responsibilities, easily understand the overall availability of all those services.

  • An Environment
    Create a workspace per an environment

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