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Datadog Webhook Integration

Komodor-Datadog webhook integration allows Komodor to receive alerts from Datadog Monitors. You will see all alerts in the Komodor Service View.



In order for us to connect your services according to Datadog events, the following environment variables should exist on your k8s deployments: - DD_ENV should match the environment specified on the Datadog tags - DD_SERVICE should match the service name specified on the Datadog tags

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure the prerequisites above are met.
  2. Locate the Datadog installation tile on Komodor Integration Settings.
  3. Press Install.
  4. Follow instructions on the screen.


  1. A Datadog Integration tile will be added to the top section of labeled Installed Integrations.

Configuring the webhook in Datadog

  1. Go to Datadog Webhook Integration Setup
  2. Create a + New Webhook
  3. Call the webhook komodor
  4. Enter the webhook server URL in the URL field:
  5. Copy the following Payload schema into the Payload field:
    "body": "$EVENT_MSG",
    "last_updated": "$LAST_UPDATED",
    "event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
    "title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
    "date": "$DATE",
    "org": {
        "id": "$ORG_ID",
        "name": "$ORG_NAME"
    "id": "$ID",
    "tags": "$TAGS",
    "alert": {
        "id": "$ALERT_ID",
        "type": "$ALERT_TYPE",
        "transition": "$ALERT_TRANSITION",
        "cycleId": "$ALERT_CYCLE_KEY",
        "priority": "$PRIORITY",
        "status": "$ALERT_STATUS",
        "scope": "$ALERT_SCOPE",
        "query": "$ALERT_QUERY",
        "metric": "$ALERT_METRIC",
        "metric_namespace": "$METRIC_NAMESPACE"
    "aggregation_key": "$AGGREG_KEY",
    "link": "$LINK",
    "snapshot": "$SNAPSHOT",
    "user": "$USER",
    "username": "$USERNAME",
    "email": "$EMAIL"
  1. Add a Custom Header X-API-KEY with the Api Key found in the Komodor Integration page from the Datadog integration tile at the bottom of the setup modal in a JSON format.
  1. Save your changes
  2. For every monitor you wish to receive alerts to Komodor. Edit the monitor and add @webhook-komodor at the end of the Monitor message.