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Test Utilities Commands

Komodor Agent Test Utilities

You can use the komodorio/k8s-watcher docker image to run the test command.

Komodor Agent Test Utilities
        Run utility to test connectivity to Komodor's API. Requires env var: [KOMOKW_API_KEY]
  -inputlog string
        Used in conjunction with -logredactor to provide an input log to redact (default "Example log with supersecret password:abc123 and username=root")
        Run utility to test data redaction for pod logs. Requires env var: [KOMOKW_REDACT_LOG]

Testing connectivity to Komodor API

❯ docker run --rm -e KOMOKW_API_KEY="YOUR_API_KEY" komodorio/k8s-watcher test -connectivity
no configuration file found, starting with env vars / defaults
time="2022-09-15T13:27:29Z" level=info msg="Using cluster name <production> from context"
time="2022-09-15T13:27:29Z" level=info msg="Identifying agent with Komodor servers" agentId=xxx serverHost=""
time="2022-09-15T13:27:30Z" level=info msg="Successfully connected to Komodor API !!!"

Testing logs redaction patterns

You can easily test the patterns you want to configure before deploying by using our docker image and our utilities command.

❯ docker run --rm -e KOMOKW_REDACT_LOGS="redaction" komodorio/k8s-watcher test -logredactor -inputlog="The log line you want to test redaction here"

Patterns to redact: [redaction]

Input log (before redaction):
The log line you want to test redaction here

Output log (after redaction):
The log line you want to test <REDACTED> here