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Okta Role Provisioning


To facilitate the assignment of Komodor roles via Okta we first need to configure a few things on the organization Okta account.

Configure a custom attribute

  • Navigate to the Profile Editor section under Directory

  • Select the Komodor User profile

  • Select the + Add Attribute button

  • Fill in the form as specified in the image below and save the changes

  • To complete the process, go to the Applications view

  • Select the Komodor / Komodorio app

  • Navigate to the Sign On tab

  • Under the Settings section, click the Edit button, under the SAML 2.0 section open the Attributes (Optional) section

  • Add the following attribute and save the changes

  • Everything is now set to assign Komodor roles through Okta

Adding Roles to a User

  • Navigate to the People section

  • Select the user you'd like to assign roles to

  • In case the Komodor / Komodorio application is not yet assigned to the user:

    • Click Assign Applications

    • Assign the Komodor / Komodorio application to the user

    • Add the relevant roles you'd like to assign to the user and save the changes

  • If the Komodor / Komodorio application is already assigned to the user:

    • Edit the Komodor / Komodorio application assignment

    • Make the wanted changes and click Save

Adding Roles to a Group

  • Navigate to the groups section

  • Select the group that you'd like to assign the Komodor app to

  • Navigate to the Applications tab

  • Click the Assign applications button and Assign the Komodor / Komodorio app

  • Specify the Roles you'd wish to assign the group with and Save the assignment

Edit Role Assignent on an existing group

  • Go the the relevant group Applications tab and edit the Komodor / Komodorio application assignment

  • Modify the assigned role ids and save the changes

Adding Members to a Group

  • Navigate to the groups section

  • Click the Assign people button

  • Click the + button for each user you'd like to add to the group. Click Done at the end

  • Navigate to the Applications section

  • Select the Komodor application and navigate to the Assignments tab

Please note: The Type of the assignment defines whether the Individual or Group roles will take over.

  • To convert the assignment type from Individual to Group, click Convert assignments button

  • Select the users for whom you'd like to convert the assignment, and click Convert selected (alternatively you can click the Convert all assignments button)

  • Going back to the previous screen, you can confirm that the assignment type has changed