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AWS and Komodor

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The Challenge

According to a recent CNCF survey, the top barriers for K8s adoption are the complexity of daily operations and the lack of expertise.

The fear of migrating mission critical workloads to K8s is hindering organizations from going full cloud-native and expanding the consumption of AWS services. Komodor simplifies K8s ops to a point that eliminates the fear of migration, day 2 operations, automation, maintaining reliability, and deploying frequently.

The confidence and business velocity generated by using Komodor will lead to companies migrating more workloads to K8s faster and increasing the usage of EKS, EC2, RDS, SNS, and S3.

The Solution

Komodor is working with AWS to provide developer tooling to enable increase of EKS usage and empower developers to reduce the frustration in migration to AWS. Our future plan is to expand internally in accounts leveraging AWS solutions in existing accounts.

Come and see our AWS Marketplace offering here: AWS Marketplace: Komodor (

Success Stories

You can read about how Komodor is helping fortune 500 companies take control of their Kubernetes clusters.

To read more case studies from industry leaders feel free to check out our customer references here