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Grafana Integration

Grafana Integration adds Grafana Alert events to your service in Komodor.



A running instance of Grafana.

Installation Steps

  1. Make sure the above prerequisites are met.
  2. Locate the Grafana installation tile on the Komodor Integrations page.
  3. Press Install Integration. A dialog will open.
  4. Go to your Grafana instance.
  5. In the Grafana side bar, hover your cursor over the Alerting (bell) icon and then click Notification channels.
  6. Press New channel.
  7. In the Name field, enter a name for the channel.
  8. In the Type field, choose webhook.
  9. Copy the webhook URL to the Url field.
  10. Open the Notifications settings.
  11. Check the Default option.
    1. When selected, this option sends a notification on this channel for all alert rules.
  12. Press Save
  13. Press Install Grafana Installation


  1. A Grafana Integration tile will be added to the top section under Installed Integrations.
  2. When a Grafana alert is triggered it will be added to the relevant service in Komodor.